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Redundancy?  We’re here to help.

The BFAWU Learning Services are here for you if a redundancy situation arises and we can cover all shifts and geographical areas of England.

  1. Can you use a computer? – We have a short course that could help you.

  2. Have you an email address? – This is required to register on the government website and for potential employers to contact you. We can help you set one up.

  3. Do you need help to improve your skills? – We have skills assessments so you may test yourself. This is on-line so if you need help with access please ask.

  4. Do you have a learning centre? – We have iPads and laptops we can bring in to help you with online access.

We will look at training opportunities within your area and speak to your employer about updating your present certificates, like Health and Safety, Food Hygiene or FLT so they are valid moving forward to your next employer.

We can help with CV writing, which is your first opportunity to create a good impression with future employers

and to register on the governments Find a Job web site.

We can help you to register on the governments Find a Job web site.

This is where you can:

  • Create and manage your account

  • Tailor your job search to the jobs that would suit you

  • Create a profile and upload your CV

  • Receive email alerts about vacancies on here you will see specific things related to a redundancy situation

  • Overview

  • Being selected for redundancy

  • Redundancy pay

  • Notice periods

  • Consultation

  • Suitable alternative employment

  • Get help finding a new job

Handshakes you will still be required to go to your local jobcentre to sign on or for interviews so it is best you are prepared; know where it is and how to get there.


We in the BFAWU Learning Services are not money experts so please do not ask us to calculate your redundancy pay, your Full Time Official will help you here,  or how to invest your redundancy money, we do have financial advisors you can talk to and there are other websites that can give advice on the subject.

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