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GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

We are required to obtain your consent to collect your Personal Identifiable Information to be used for the purpose of:

  1. identifying learning needs.

  2. Determining what courses and providers are needed.

  3. Working with employers to develop a learning needs strategy.

  4. Supporting funding claims via UnionLearn and Auditors appointed by UnionLearn. 

BFAWULS Privacy Policy

BFAWU is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a data controller.  The way we store and handle your personal data is governed by the rules and regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 25 May 2018.  BFAWU works toward being compliant with all GDPR requirements.  


  1. BFAWU is the Data Controller.  Sarah Woolley the General Secretary

The contact details are BFAWU email

The Data Processors can include National Executive Members, staff employed by BFAWU to undertake administrative tasks and third parties such as election administrators, IT support, UnionLearn, Providers, Auditors and D of E and

The Data Protection Officer is The General Secretary and you can contact them here

  1. Information Collected

BFAWU holds personal data about its membership, visitors to the website completing an online automated process providing consent and visitors who provide written agreement in the form of sign-up sheets specifically asking to be kept informed via email from BFAWU.
All users can unsubscribe through an online automated process any time should they wish to do so.
By joining BFAWU, members understand that BFAWU may use some or all of the data to provide services, to enable BFAWU and BFAWULS to carry out membership, Learning and related activities.  This data processing is based on legitimate interests, to act in the interests of BFAWU members and leaners.   

  1. Your Data and Personal Information

If you decide to leave BFAWU, your data will be retained for no longer than 8 years.
However, we may be required to retain this information longer to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and to resolve disputes.
Our Data storage is compliant with GDPR regulations and this policy is reviewed regularly to ensure consistent application. This involves us keeping your contact details in a secure database accessed only by staff, Learning Services and Executive Committee members.  All BFAWU Executive members and paid staff, as soon as practicable, are required to familiarize themselves with the Privacy Policy, follow guidance from the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office), and take part in suitable training on Data Protection and its practical application in the work they undertake for the union.
Volunteers, and those representing BFAWU in any capacity, are expected to observe the provisions of the Privacy Policy any time members' information is used.
This Policy will be updated whenever changing legislation, good practice or technical developments make this necessary.  Executive members, representatives, Learning Services and staff will be made aware of any such changes, and members will be notified of any changes and updates.  

  1. Use of Your Data and Personal Information

BFAWU takes its data protection responsibilities very seriously and does not share sensitive or other personal data with any outside organization, unless obliged to do so by law. However, occasionally statistical and other information on our membership or learners will/may be provided to organizations with which BFAWU or its Learning Services are affiliated to or shares an interest, such as UnionLearn, Auditors, TUC, GFTU, Providers of courses, other trade unions or organizations providing services to members/learners.  This is to enable us to work with them, with the aim of providing a better service to you, and to help us to be more effective advocates on your behalf.

Who has access to your data?
As a member, you consent to BFAWU processing and storing the personal data you supply us in various specific ways on joining.  BFAWU uses your information for the purposes of maintaining good records, including subscription records; Learner Records; communicating with members through various means, including surveys; conducting the union's democratic processes and informing union policy, including elections; and a variety of purposes enabling the union to develop its services in response to need.
Access to personal data is limited to accredited representatives, elected officials, Learning Services their staff, UnionLearn, Auditors appointed by UnionLearn and paid staff of the union, and such access is restricted to the data necessary for the purposes outlined above.
Any equality information you provide to BFAWU is only ever used once and is anonymized.

Does BFAWU share my information with local branches?
We may pass on some of your personal data to regional BFAWU representatives, in order that you can be informed of any meetings or events locally as well as nationally.  Regional branch reps are provided with a limited amount of members' personal data and would normally discuss with an Executive member how to securely manage this.
The Learning Services may from time to time share anonymous graphs which show trends with site Steering Groups in order to develop Learning and Training programs.

Most membership subscription transactions are based on a deduction from wages at source (employers) or via Direct Debit.

Your rights:
On receipt of proof of identity and a written request, you may have a copy of any information that we hold about you. Please e-mail the Data Protection Officer

You can also access the data held by BFAWU and update the information on your record by logging onto the Members Area of the website.  You will need your membership number to access this area of the website.  If you have forgotten your membership number, email

For information relating to your Learner Details held by the Unions Learning Services you can contact

Please note: changes to GDPR requirements will be amended from time to time – we will bring any significant changes to your attention through the website and in newsletters.
Please make sure your membership details are kept up to date.

Policy last updated December 2018

bm Mar2019

ICO Guide to the GDPR
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