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Many people are keen to learn a language. Just a few phrases can help you out on holiday or engage with a colleague at work.

Live Lingua offers a beginners course through a mixture of audio and written materials. Advanced learners can pay for Skype lessons with native speakers.

English My Way is a programme designed specifically for people living in the UK, whose English language abilities are below Entry Level 1 of the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.

English My Way is designed to create learning communities where everyone is equal and has valuable experience to contribute.

Whatever your level of English, we’re here to help. From children to adults, we have courses, lessons and activities which lead to internationally recognised qualifications.

Learning English with the British Council will help you unlock a whole new world of opportunity. So whether you want to learn online, join us at a face-to-face class or study English in the UK, this is the place to start.

TUC eNotes offer self-contained modules on language such as “Language support for workers”. They last between 20 and 45 minutes. You will need to register to use the site.

If you have a question about learning please contact us.
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