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ICT Skills (Information and Communication Technologies)

ICT skills are now a big part of daily life with computers, iPads and smart phones playing a big part with the huge take up of social media.  It has also played a big part through the Covid 19 pandemic even more so with many of us working from home and platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Houseparty and Skype playing a big role in us all staying connected with our colleagues and friend and family.

The BFAWU Learning Services have many ways for people to learn how to use a computer or to upskill what you already know, ranging from basic – how to turn a computer on – to the more advanced levels.

Basic ICT – this is for people who have not used a computer.  Our Project Workers are all trained in giving basic lessons.  These are two hour sessions and can be in small groups or one-on-one tuition and the aim is to build the confidence of the user to move them on to the next stage.

Basic Email and Internet – this is for people who don’t yet use email and internet or use it very little.  A Project Worker can sit with you and help with this: they can help you create an email address and explain how to access your emails, open, reply and send and much more.  They can also give you a short session on how to use the internet, how to search and find things safely.

Learn My Way – this is an on-line basic course for those with a little knowledge of computers and helps explain how it all works and, most importantly, why.  It takes you through using a mouse, keyboard, internet and emails and all the time it is getting you used to using the computer and building your confidence. Please use our centre number on enrolment is: 3461643 – these are for the more advanced user who want to learn more about the packages that a computer uses such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.  This course is an on-line package and once you have completed the short enrolment gives a vast array of different courses other than ICT. 

On-line Level 2 courses – we do have some funding around gaining a qualification with computers up to level 2 (equivalent to GCSE standard A-C).  Your Project Worker can help you with finding these.

Touch Typing – we can also help you to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard, this again is an on-line programme teaching from basics.

On-line Skills Check – the TUC run a programme where you can check your level with ICT, this is good way to judge how you are doing and what you need to improve. remembering to put in BFAWU under union even if you are not in the union so it goes to our group, thank you.



Talk to your Project Worker, they will be able to assess your level and advise you on what course would be best, sign you up and get you on your learning path.


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