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Assertive Communication

This Assertiveness Communication module will help you examine issues around assertiveness, work in a more assertive way to get your point across and find compromises more easily.


Coronavirus (UK)

Welcome to this short module on a new strain of coronavirus, now known as novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


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Cyber Security

This module will help you protect yourself from online fraud and gives advice on what to do if you think you have been targeted.

Data Protection

Data Protection (Core)

In this topic, we’ll explore what data protection means, who’s involved with protecting data and why it matters.

Foundation Skills

Disability and Discrimination

In this module, we show you some practical steps that you can take to avoid discrimination against disabled people. In a professional setting, this might mean examining recruitment policies, making changes to the working environment or providing different ways of communicating effectively with colleagues and customers.


Equality In The Workplace

Our e-learning module will guide both employees and managers through their responsibilities, identifying protected characteristics, highlighting key concepts of discrimination and underlining the benefits of equality. Advice is given on areas such as using respectful language and avoiding making assumptions, and the module features several real-life case studies and an accompanying knowledge check section.

Foundation Skills


Welcome to a number of different modules about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was introduced on 25th May 2018. The legislation has wide-ranging implications for individuals and organisations alike.

In these modules, you will find out what GDPR is and what you need to do to comply with the legislation.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training is 'essential training' for all managers and staff.

if you have any questions after completing the training please speak to your line manager or Doug Nicholls, the GFTU's General Secretary.  

Data Protection

Information Security

This module offers guidance on a variety of topics related to IT Security. 

We'll investigate the different types of information, the relevant legislation, why passwords are important and best practice when using the internet and email. We'll also explore where to store electronic information and the issue of viruses and other malicious software and mobile computing.

Foundation Skills

Introduction to Health & Safety

Over the course of Introduction to Health and Safety we’ll take the learner through a range of key areas, including common workplace risks, legal obligations, using a workstation, accidents in the workplace, fire safety, managing stress and more. Practical case studies and knowledge checks are included throughout.

Foundation Skills

John McDonnell MP - a vision for the future

At the 2018 GFTU Union Building Conference held in Staffordshire 23-25 February 2018, John McDonnell, MP and Shadow Chancellor sent a message to delegates, watch the clip below to see his vison for the future...

About the GFTU...

Learning to Learn

The aim of this module is to increase your awareness of time management and organisation techniques. It will also give you practical advice for writing assignments, making notes, referencing, researching and other study skills.


Mental Health Awareness

Our Mental Health Awareness e-learning module will examine the increasing prevalence of mental health issues, including common types of illness and the symptoms of psychosis. We’ll also look at the various forms of treatment that are available, including therapy-based approaches.

Foundation Skills

Remote Working

This module will introduce you to remote working and the benefits that it can bring.

Foundation Skills

Understanding the Trade Union Movement

A chance to understand more about the Trade Union Movement, written by Dr John Callow, the GFTU's Education Officer, exploring where we came from and what we do, with a useful set of slides and a video clip for you to watch.

Being a Union Activist

Writing a CV

This module will explain what you need to include within your CV, the problems you may face and how to present your finished CV. We will also look at the importance of tailoring your CV to each specific role.

We will help you build your CV as you proceed through the module,  so you may wish to have a blank Word document open and any information you wish to include to hand!