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Learning English helps in the workplace and outside. It also gives people a chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

Find your level of skills with skillscheck. You can use it on your tablet/computer or download the app for either Apple or Android phones. Go to to register.

If you were looking for a recognised English qualification or to improve your CV has different courses to suit all levels. You can apply by going to the English pages and filling in the enquiry form.

BBC Skills Wise covers all aspects of English through videos, exercises and quizzes. The site contains lots of useful English resources to use to develop your English knowledge.

BBC Education is aimed at young people but has lots of useful information and courses. It also provides advice on GCSE.

TUC eNotes offer self-contained modules on English such as “Read Now” and “Write Now”. They last between 20 and 45 minutes. You will need to register to use the site.

Wranx offers a range of bitesize app based repetition courses, a number of courses based around English, at functional skills and GCSE Level. Find out more.

If you have a question about learning please contact us.

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