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Become a ULR  (Union Learning Representative)

ULRs are at the forefront of promoting and delivering learning opportunities to their branches, raising awareness of the value of learning and the opportunities it can bring to the lives of themselves and the learners.


In the B.F.A.W.U. the Union Learning Representative role has been incorporated into the rule book under Rule 14 – Branch Management:


Rule 14.3

Each Branch may elect Union Learner Representatives. These Learner Representatives must complete a Union Training course In Learner Representative skills within 6 months of election.


ULRs are recognised as union representatives and have the same statutory rights as other union reps. They are allowed reasonable time off to train and perform their duties, and have protection against unfair dismissal on grounds of their ULR work.


There are some basic guidelines to follow in the role.


  • Ensuring confidentiality

  • Ensuring equal access to everyone

  • Understanding the different needs of others

  • Developing a knowledge of local providers and courses available

  • Work with the sites training officer, complementing on site learning/training opportunities

  • Developing self-progression

  • Keep a record of any learning or Information, Advice & Guidance that have taken place and report them to the relevant project worker or to the project admin or manager.

  • Don’t pretend, a ULR cannot be expected to know everything


There are a range of progression pathways that can be taken by the Union Learning Rep. from starting with the ULR courses stages 1 & 2 a representative can undertake individual courses in;

  • Information, Advice and Guidance

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Tutoring or Facilitating

gaining Level 2 qualifications that can take them on a different career path.

Level 3 or 4 Awards in Education & Training to teach in the Lifelong Learning sector (AET) – this is an introductory course for all new tutors/teachers delivering publicly funded provision. The qualification is a direct progression route into the;

Level 3 or 4 Certificate in Education & Training in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CET) – this award is for anyone who wants to fulfil an associate tutor/teacher role. The qualification is a direct progression route into the;

Level 5 Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DET) – this full teaching qualification is often also called a PGCE or Cert Ed. by universities.

There are also routes into Assessor Qualifications and Information, Advice & Guidance careers.


A range of learning resources are available at:   including magazine publications where case studies from around the unions can be found to draw inspiration and ideas from. Here we have;


eNotes - Each eNote is a self-contained module that comprises text, video and quizzes.


Bargaining for Skills

Facility Time

Language support for workers

Mental health in the workplace


Mid-life development review

Read Now!

Supporting Learners

Union Learning Representatives - introduction

Working with Figures

Write Now!

To use eNotes, you need to register on the TUC Education website.


Skillscheck - This tool contains five learning themes designed to help engage with learners, providing both an initial assessment and a way to encourage further learning






Everyday Finances


To remove any barriers there are 3 ways to access the Skillscheck


Web version

To access the web version, go to Here

From here you can register to access SkillCheck or you are able to login if you have already registered previously.


Apple version

To access the Apple version, go to Here


Android version

To access the Android version, go to Here


Wranx - Wranx is an online training tool that can be accessed on any device and uses the simple scientific idea of spaced repetition to provide learning that improves knowledge retention, even with as little as 2-3 minutes of training a day.


Promoting union learning A handbook for union learning reps (ULRs) and reps

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